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This web is a place where I put all my coding stuff! As you can tell, I love coding! a whole lot! I have made several themes for this website alone and I have 2 other websites on Neocities . I also like to animate and draw!


HELLO HELLO! My name is Sev/Kris! I am the WEBMASTER! I am a teenager doing dumb stuff on the internet. I major in art and animation. I am very introverted and shy so I most likely would stay silent in groups (sorry)

Some of my game/media interests are homestuck, Sonic, MLP, Sanrio, RHG/dojo duels, ROBLOX, TNMN ETC.

I am very easily hyperfocused/hyperinterested on something so, sorry if I spam you with My stuff lol it gets annoying, I'm sure




13-04-24 Finally added art tab!

03-04-24 Added new button! Added blinkies tab

30-03-24 Fixed sidebar being weird, deleted and added some stuff from sidebar, added new webring. (All webrings requests are pending!)

29-03-24 Added new sub-site, webring tab!

28-03-24 Published new layout!

Thanks Gurlpowerrr for the Update box

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