ok so this will be a long one, bare with Me.

A habit I've done since the first time making a website is like hating it a few hours after finishing the minimum of it. Like, I'd look back at it and be like damn. this fucking sucks actually. And this is kind of why i keep redoing my layout entirely, and why I'm trying really hard. I try to make my website so flashy because i think thats what people like instead of minimalistic! and whenever I surf neocities i keep looking at new webs and be like. fuck. I'm fucked.

I know what im doing is not common in most people in my city ESPECIALLY in My age but like. seeing more people doing this coding bullshit better kind of makes me feel like idk, trash?? This also happens when doing digital art and stuff, I just look at other peoples work and get angry at myself for not being as good as them. idk just a random thought.

Besides all of that, I AM gonna make My website MOSTTTLY made of my own art (including divs and stuff) but I know that'll be SUPER hard work especially with my busy and tight schedule lol. I just kinda wanna try something I've never tried with my past layouts. I'm really grateful for the people who has supported me and helped me with coding and the displays in general lol.

I wanna try putting in more like.. "games" or whatever the iframe javascript thingies are called, they are shoooo cute !!! I also wanna try making my sona page better and the reason why i made it look like that is because I rushed it. I wanted it done so quickly that i forgot that time=quality. I wanted to catch up with other artists on the web that i forgot. how HORRIBLE!

I need to cheer up.

I wanna try making shrines again- maybe food or characters or even shows? with ratings? DUNNO! I wanna start with My friends' OCs if i ever get the chance to (or shows LOL idk).

I also wanna know more about the neocities community and whatnot, what kind of things should I use on my web, wether or not i should make buttons?

Idk. My first years of coding a website, I never really uploaded it and kept it to myself until a teacher told me to publish it- it was horrible. lol. It was one of the first times that I knew I could be kind of... "different" from the other kids at school- idk XDDD I am so much cockier now because i could code and other stuff while the students in my class can only like.... "draw" I guess...?? i mean.. they're not really drawing because some of them trace anime scenes and whatnot.... erm!